Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review of song "Kya tumhen pata hai ae gulshan"

My review: An ultimate song, filled with so many real emotions

Movie: Dil hai Betaab
Singer: Udit Narayan

It is a song which a lover can understand only. The song portrays a boy who is expecting to meet his beloved and shows his happiness to the nature around him, by talking to it.
The first line depicts the boy asking the garden to not shower the flower on the path his beloved whom he expects to come to meet him, because he has already showered his own heart on the path.  "Kya tumhen pata hai ae gulshan? Kya tumhen pata hai ae gulshan?
mera dilbar aane wale hain,
kaliyan na bichana rahon mein, hum dil ko bichane wale hain" 

Then the further lines depicts the feelings of his heart when he is going to meet his beloved for the first time. The song can touch anyone's heart who believes in the love. The clear and powerful voice of Udit is really attractive and you will end up listening to this song many times.