Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Mei Sehra Baandh ke Aaunga" - Deewana Mujhsa Nahi (A song worth chatting)

Hi, How have you been? Recently, I have been remembering this song "Mei Sehra Baandh ke Aaunga" from the Movie "Deewana Mujhsa Nahi". Sandeep, my elder brother, used to sing this song in his secondary school times.
Mei Sehra ke baandh aaunga - Udit Narayan - Deewana mujhsa Nahi 

He was getting famous for his singing among his school teachers and school friends. He had sung this song many times, and  whenever we got together at home, he used to tell me the stories of his singing. His passion for music is still alive and therefore now he is earning his living by being an Octa-padist cum singer. If you ask me, I love this song alike.

This song is a promise from a boy in love, to the girl whom he love.
"Mei Sehra Baandh ke aaunga, Mera Waada hai", means "This is my promise that, in a well groomed dress up, I will come to you". 'Sehra' means 'festoon', is a head-dress used by groom in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Udit Narayan has sung many songs for Amir Khan, most famous among them is "Papa Kehte hain". This song is also famous among people of Hindi speaking regions of the world. One thing worth noting is that in last decade(since the videographers are easily available), there is a tradition of making the marriage videos. However the movie was released in the year 1990, but the song is still famous among these videographers.

It doesn't matter what the income or social status is, I have noticed that every person would hire a videographer for his marriage, and that is amazing. This marriage video would always carry this song dubbed inside, specifically at the moment when the groom was wearing the "Sehra", ready to take off to bride's place, accompanied by a Band Baaja and Baraat (wedding procession).

In the movie, Aamir is making a promise to Madhuri Dixit that no matter what may come, he would overcome it, and would come to her as her groom. He promises that he would do everything, he would become a rich person, he would love her more than anyone in this world.
I have read the movie plot, Ajay Kumar(Aamir) is in one sided love with Anita(Madhuri), but Anita gets engaged to Vikram(Jainendra).

The marriage is soon to take place, but Ajay gets more obsessed with Anita and starts preparing for marriage too. This song is a result of that obsession and determination.

In the end, it turns out that Anita realizes Ajay's love for her, and movie ends on a happy note. This makes this song fit in every marriage video that a videographer makes in India. Udit has a powerful and melodious voice, and this song creates a emotional aura in the whole scene in movie and in the real life movies too.

Such songs are getting rare these days, its good to keep remembering such melodies.

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